The Wardens of the Eclipse

Chapter 1. And lean-look’d prophets whisper fearful change

Moira undergoes her trials to become a War Wizard.

21 Flamerule, 1490 DR

The party is ushered out of the bloody and battered Royal Courtroom and into a waiting area. After a few moments, Lord Edwin Morahan enters and thanks them for their rapid response and eager defense of the Royal Family. He asks them not to reveal what has befallen to anyone, so they may try to uncover what all has occurred here.

23 Flamerule

Two days later, Moira and her allies are summoned to appear at the College of the War Wizards to stand before Ganrahast and the council of Alarphons. He informs her that, due to her successful training and in no small part because of her actions during the assassination attempt, she is to be put through the trials of the War Wizards. If successful, she shall be granted the mantle of a fully-fledged War Wizard of Cormyr, with all rights and privileges awarded to that office.


Moira, Elara, and Aedan prepare their gear and spells before beginning the eight trials: one for each school of magic. Surpassing portals, puzzles, potions, and pitfalls, the party at last make it to the penultimate trial, Evocation, where they are confronted by a ravenous Bonechill Chimera. The beast is a formidable terror, but neither the monster or the War Wizards planned on Moira’s new secret weapon. Conjuring her Instant Fortress, she crumples the beast into a heap before finishing it off with her Maul.


They arrive at the final test, Abjuration. Elara and Moira’s familiar are teleported into a cage, over which is suspended a great glass cauldron of bubbling acid. Across the room is an identical cage, but in the place of a captive stands the Banner of the Royal Family of Cormyr. Moira, knowing that her true allegiance must always be to the Crown and Kingdom, ruefully takes up the offered key and unlocks the cage with the banner, plunging the entire vat of cauldron onto Elara and her fox friend and dissolving them into a puddle.

Upon exiting the room through a portal, the distraught Moira and wrathful Aedan find Elara and the fox unharmed, if a bit traumatized, waiting with the War Wizards to congratulate her. Moira has passed six of the eight trials (having failed on the Illusion and Enchantment tests), and has more than proven herself worthy of the title of War Wizard.

The Alarphons gather, joined by Moira’s teacher Amblethorne, and Moira swears her fealty to the Mage Royal, the Realm of Cormyr, and its Monarch. Jubilantly leaving the College, the party exits to see a massive force of troops, moving North through the streets toward the Dragoneye Way. War has been declared, and Cormyr marches East for Sembia…

Present: Aedan, Elara, Moira


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