The Wardens of the Eclipse

Chapter 3. To unpathed waters, undreamed shores

The party ventures to the Underdark to save a life.

25 Flamerule, 1490 DR

The party leaves Suzail. As the Wardens get settled in for the journey, Ta’Liza’s Tiefling shape is revealed to the other hirelings, who react with varying levels of shock. The Wardens reassure them, and the group rides on with the army.

A few hours into the journey, the sky darkens and a massive thunderstorm engulfs Calantar’s Way, forcing the army and the party to make camp prematurely. That evening, the party sups with the Oversword of the Purple Dragons, when Moira’s enchanted Amulet gives off a signal. Amblethorne has contacted the party with grave news: Elara’s brother Edmund is deathly ill with a family sickness. Promising to hurry home, the party waits out the evening.

26 Flamerule

In the morning, the storm continues to rage, but the party decides it cannot wait any longer. The Wardens saddle up the horses and ride into the wind and rain. After a grueling day, the storm begins to subside as evening draws upon them. Deciding to make camp once more, Moira conjurs her Instant Fortress, where the party makes a comfortable (if worrisome) evening of it.

28 Flamerule

After days of travel, the party finally arrives in Immersea. There they are rushed to Edmund’s bedside, where he lays unconscious, his skin slowly hardening into dark scales. Amblethorne tells the party that Edmund’s disease is rare and unique to the Wyvernspur family line. “Paton’s Sickness”, as he calls it, can only be cured through the aid of an ancient family heirloom, the mummified claw of a Wyvern. A distillation created using the dust of the claw can cure the sickness, while also bestowing upon the consumer the power to transform oneself into a Wyvern. This power, bestowed once in a generation, was once a famous trait in the family, but in The Year of Blue Fire the shrine where the claw was held was struck into the Wyvernwater, sinking deep below the waves. In the years since, the waters of ‘Wyvernclaw Cove’ have become fouled: no fish live there, and any who moor in the waters complain of headaches and bad dreams.

The Wardens promise to venture to Wyvernclaw Cove and attempt to recover the claw. Armed with a ritual of Water Breathing, the party prepares to depart while Elara visits her grandmother, Lady Margaret. Inconsolable, Lady Margaret reveals that her firstborn daughter died of Paton’s Sickness. She begs Elara to take care, imploring “I cannot lose him. And I cannot lose you again.”

Arriving in the Cove, the party is ambushed by a group of Bugbears and Kuo Toa, all of whom seem possessed by some dark and otherworldly magic. They receive a visitation from the Heretic, who warns them of the great danger that they face in the waters below. A great evil he calls Yog-Koshath, ‘The One who feeds the Key’, lurks there, a creature from the Far Realm with the power to control minds and warp perception. He gives them a burst of his own power to assist them, but warns them that once they descend he will be powerless to intervene.

Diving into the depths with the aid of the ritual, the Duskcloaks find the sunken shrine, but instead of a Wyvern claw they find a deep pit leading straight down. After a long descent from the ropes that have been tied there, the party realizes they have climbed into the Upperdark. Treading with caution, the begin to move into the cavernous underground. The waters grow progressively fouler as they skirt the underground lakes and streams, until they happen upon a pair of Grell. Moving to engage, the party is caught by surprise as a stalagmite springs to life. They have been lured into a Roper’s feeding ground!


After a frightening battle, the Wardens emerge victorious and nearly unscathed. As they tend their wounds, suddenly a sensation pricks at the back of their minds, and a voice speaks inside their heads…

“Mortals… you who would profane and defy our Sovereignty… turn back, or die…”

Present: Aedan, Ashtar, Elara, Moira, Tonden.


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