The Wardens of the Eclipse

The Duskcloaks Christmas Special!!!

It's a magical disaster!

22 Flamerule, 1490 DR

It is the day after the Duskcloaks thwarted the assassination attempt on the Royal Family. The Wardens are celebrating their hard-fought victory when suddenly a large crowd moving towards the docks draws their attention. Investigating, they find a ship coated in magical ice… in the middle of summer.

Peraps the Runner arrives, with a summons from the Eastgate: apparently someone attempting entry into the city has dropped their name. They arrive to discover Ta’Liza, Fledgeling Mage being held by the guard for attempting to enter the city with a Hat of Disguise. Securing her freedom, she reveals the reason for her arrival: her Father is in trouble, and she needs their help to visit his Glacial Island in the Dragonmere and secure his rescue.

Hiring a ship, the Duskcloaks sail through the ice and snow, eventually landing on the remote floating glacier. There they find the locals, a group of tiny snow creatures, being menaced by some deadly animated Snow Golems. Defeating their icy foes, the Wardens find a pair of magicians on the beachfront. Ta’Liza introduces them as her adoptive siblings. The first is a Drow named Linus, his blue cloak stained with the sweat of battle. The second, a Sun Elf named Cindy, her wispy blonde hair tied into a high ponytail atop her head.

They explain that one of their ‘brothers’, an aspiring Goblin Sorcerer name Grinwich, has rebelled against their Father. Freeing the White Dragon Carrolifax, long held prisoner in the Ice Caves, he has seized the Crystal Wand of Father and imprisoned his master in the Dragon’s former prison. Using the wand, he has constructed the Snow Golems to raise an army against the mainland and, at the Dragon’s urging, prepares to march on Cormyr.

The party decides first to head to the Holly Groves on the far side of the mountain to gather Father’s flock of Peryton’s, set free by Grinwich. After a brief scuffle, the party grabs some staves of Holly and use them to command the beasts into submission. With the beasts, they will be able to use Father’s Enchanted Chariot to help combat the dragon..

Next, they head to the Ice Caves, where they find Father frozen in ice, under guard by two Snow Golems. Striking with surprise, the Duskcloaks reduce the two creatures to a puddle of ice and slush. Breaking through the ice, they melt Father free, only to hear his breathless warning… “Look out…”

Around the corner comes a massive Snow Golem, its fearsome jaws gnashing and many arms swinging! The party fights desperately, finally bringing the horrifying monstrosity down! Father rejoins his children, and they all pile into the Chariot to lay down an aerial assault while the Duskcloaks strike at Father’s Warehouse from the mountainside.

Approaching the peak, the party sees the massive Young White Dragon Carrolifax, as well as the Goblin Grinwich, clad in one of Father’s signature red robes. He summons more Snow Golems to rush the party while the dragon flies in and attacks!

The Duskcloaks make short work of the Golems, but the Dragon proves too much, striking some down in its first great charge! But Father’s Chariot flies in, he and his three children all brandishing wands, and lays down a barrage of fire and healing spells for the dragon and party respectively! The party rallies and, with renewed resolve, battle the dragon into submission, knocking it’s flapping body into unconsciousness!

Thanking the party for the rescue, Father piles them all into the Chariot and flies off for Suzail. Lighting upon the rooftop of the Cormaeril Compound, he expresses his thanks for their help once again, bestowing gifts on each of the party members. Flying off into the night, the party watches enchanted as the great flock of Peryton’s are silhouetted against the moon, the jolly old artificer’s chariot in tow…


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