Elara Merandus

Heir to a disgraced county with something to prove


Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Background: Noble
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
Hair: Brown


Elara is the oldest daughter of Earl Kenway Merandus and Countess Valenice Merandus and heir to her mother’s territory, the Wyvernflow county. Often overlooked by her father in favor of her younger brother, Elara developed a minor rebellious streak as a result. Her somewhat impulsive nature gets her in trouble from time to time, but she’s usually well-intentioned. Elara is ambitious and rarely takes people seriously when they say something “can’t be done” or is “impossible.” This irreverent attitude sometimes extends to certain aspects of social protocol, and she has been known to unwisely mouth off to people who substantially outrank her, such as the Royal Magician.

While most people don’t see much appeal in the swampy Wyvernflow county and its sleepy capital, Juniril, Elara sees nothing but potential. Yeah, it’s kind of boring at the moment, but that means it can only get better! Elara’s to-do list for the Wyvernflow county is quite lengthy. Likely due to her privileged upbringing, Elara never really got it in her head that she couldn’t do whatever she set her mind to, which is probably why the crown jewel of her to-do list is the prison city, Wheloon. Once a prosperous trade city, Wheloon was discovered to be full of Shar cultists. It was then walled up and turned into a prison city, to the shame of the Earl and Countess at the time, Elara’s grandparents. Elara’s dream is to flip Wheloon and restore it to its former glory. Elara’s tendency to dream impossibly large often results in conflict between her and her father. It was this goal that led her to join up with the Wardens of the Eclipse in the first place.

Elara recently hatched a baby Wyvern, who she has since named “Nyx.” Despite the fact Elara doesn’t have much experience with animals beyond riding horses, she is trying her best to raise Nyx. Fortunately, the Wardens of the Eclipse recently hired an animal handler, Mander Evencall, who is helping Elara work with “Nyxie.”

Elara Merandus

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