Lord Erzoured Boldtree

The Bastard Baron Boldtree. A persistent if disliked figure in court.


The son of the late Prince Emvar, Erzoured spent his early life in the royal palace, raised near his cousin Irvel but titled “lord” rather than “prince.” Despite the confirmation of his birth, Erzoured was not officially recognized as Emvar’s son until 1450 DR—after Foril had ascended the throne and ensured his own legacy.

Despite his luxurious upbringing, Erzoured styles himself Baron Boldtree to dissociate himself from the king. The suspicion that Lord Erzoured is a traitor in waiting is held by the court, most of whose members suspect that he will strike at his uncle and seize the crown at the first opportunity. The fact that he is fourth in line for the thrown supports this suspicion. Despite this, Erzoured displays genuine affectation for his cousin Irvel.


Lord Erzoured Boldtree

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