King Foril

Beloved King of Cormyr, a wily and just ruler.


His Royal Majesty King Foril Rhigaerd Dhalmass Obarskyr has ruled Cormyr since the death of his father thirty years ago. As a second son, Foril’s youth was spent in scholarly pursuits, including a basic study of magic. Learning the structures and traditions of the Purple Dragons has shaped his opinion of Cormyr’s military. The death of his brother and wife in the years preceding the wars with Sembia made Foril a deliberate, cautious ruler. Every action and decision must be made against the possibility that it might foment a war that Cormyr is not yet ready to fight.

Foril has actively molded the War Wizards into a more militant force than they were in generations past. His hope is that when war inevitably returns to Cormyr, the War Wizards will march side by side with the Purple Dragons as magic artillery, in addition to their accepted role as spies and agents fighting internal threats to the realm.

Approaching the end of his reign at age eighty-one, Foril nonetheless ignores numerous entreaties for him to abdicate in favor of his son, Irvel.

King Foril is patient with servants of the Crown whose loyalty is clear. However, that tolerance wanes when dealing with those who overstep their authority or presume to speak in his name. He is less generous with titles and praise than his father was, preferring instead to reward faithful nobles and courtiers with greater opportunities to serve the realm.


King Foril

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