Moira Manteyre

In the process of discovering the world is a lot bigger and badder than she once thought

  • Half Orc
  • 26 years old
  • Newly Appointed War Wizard
  • Starry eyed dreamer

Moira grew up as the daughter of a librarian in the city of Arabel. Despite the general mistrust of half orcs Moira was raised with respect and equality within the library .

As a teenager Moira became fascinated by the idea of magic. She started doing her own research in the Arabel library as an escape from her small minded peers. She set her sights on becoming a War Wizard (a natural combination of her physical strength and her growing interest in the arcane arts) as a way of proving to herself and the world that race would not hold her back.

Some would call it a miracle, but Moira earned her place as a Battle Mage by demonstrating a new spell she taught herself. She would tell you it was through the combination of numeous spell casting theories and much research in the vast library, but something seems to be missing.

She immediately began her training with a Wizard by the name of Amblethorne in Immersea. At 26 she was assigned to the adventuring party of Elara Merandus by her father, the Earl of Wyvernwater.

When she’s not acting as a pin cushion or sending enemies flying Moira can often be seen practicing with her ax or buried deep in a book with a small fox curled on her lap.

Moira Manteyre

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