Princess Raedra

Cold as ice and fiercely loyal to country.


At thirty, Princess Raedra Obarskyr is a figure of great interest to noble houses across Cormyr. The second child of Crown Prince Irvel and Princess Ospra, she is the first daughter born to House Obarskyr in more than a century. A woman of great beauty, It was once said she possessed the intellect of Tanalasta, the charm of Filfaeril, the strategy of Alusair, the temper of Gantharla, first Queen of Cormyr, and the sword-arm of Enchara the warrior queen. (The last is not strictly true, since Raedra prefers the rapier to heavier blades when training.)

In recent years, however, that reputation has sank beneath a new one. Princess Raedra is now known for her cool, icy, and unfeeling demeanor. This reputation was earned when she had her husband, Lindon Huntcrown, beheaded two tendays after their marriage.

Lindon Huntcrown was revealed to be a worshiper of Shar and an agent of Netheril. Upon this discovery, Princess Raedra ordered his execution. The Huntcrowns, as well as many other noble houses, protested, imploring King Foril to overrule her and commute the sentence to exile within Wheloon. But Raedra would not be swayed, and Lindon Huntcrown was put to death.

At the execution, she showed no fear, regret, or remorse as she watched. The idealists saw her actions as an expression of her total commitment to the security of Cormyr. The majority of the public, however, perceived her stoicism during and since that fateful execution has earned her the reputation of a cold, merciless, but fiercely loyal Obarskyr.

Recently, Princess Raedra has become engaged to the recently revealed heir to the Crownsilver estate, Aubrin Crownsilver. Her fiancee’s strange hobbies have taken him far north, however, and her wedding has been delayed as a result.


Princess Raedra

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