Solatha Boldtree

The commoner mother of Baron Boldtree.


Daughter of a traveling merchant known only as Boldtree (he shared his given name with no one, not even his daughter), Solatha is a stern-faced woman whose appearance has not improved with age. She looks less like a countess than a broad-shouldered tavernkeeper, though her green eyes shine with a kindness most miss on first glance.

If not for a fateful night in 1437, Solatha would be of no importance to the history of Cormyr. While leading a military expedition to the Vast Swamp, Foril’s older brother Prince Emvar came across Solatha and her father’s camp. The dashing prince and the merchant’s daughter enjoyed one another’s com-
pany before the Purple Dragons struck out again. It was not until months later, long after Emvar was slain in ambush, that Solatha realized she was carrying a royal child.

When her son Erzoured was born, Solatha brought him to the royal palace. There, after repeated confirmation through spell and prayer, the boy’s paternity was confirmed. Azoun V invested Solatha as Countess of Dhedluk, after her birthplace.


Solatha still lives at court, but her relations with her son have become strained. Erzoured’s secretive dealings have led his mother to believe that he will bring shame both to her and to his father’s name.

Solatha Boldtree

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