Lord Warder


Ganrahast’s second-in-command, closest friend, and the true leader of the War Wizards is the Lord Warder. Vainrence is a direct, honest man. He believes in serving Cormyr to the best of his abilities, not in soothing the egos of childish nobles or his War Wizard charges. A veteran of the wars with Sembia, he distinguished himself through the careful application of battle magic, his willingness to pick up a sword when necessary, and his understanding of tactics beyond the level of most War Wizards. King Foril took notice of those tactical abilities, which increased his standing until he was finally elevated to his current position by Ganrahast.

In his tenure at court, Vainrence has pushed King Foril to allow the War Wizards to live up to their name and take a more direct role in combat.


Ganrahast remains unsure of this new direction, but the influence of the late Caladnei (who sought to increase the utility of the War Wizards to the Crown) has thus far kept him from reining Vainrence in.


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