The Wardens of the Eclipse

Book 3: Chapter 1 - Tides of War

The war becomes more dire.

- The party receives news from across the kingdom.
- After finalizing plans and assigning the Golden Keep’s denizens to various tasks, the party departs for Hultail.
- Arriving in Hultail, they penitently convince Annan Borne to send a caravan of dried and salt fish to Arabel.
- Making the long journey to the Capital, the party passes through Wheloon before arriving in Suzail.
- At the war council, it is revealed that Crown Prince Irvel has disappeared and Prince Baerovus has been struck into a deep sleep. With the Crown Prince missing, the kingdom is in crisis.
- Having learned this, the party finalizes plans to head to Arabel after taking care of some business in Suzail.


jacobyaworski jacobyaworski

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