The Wardens of the Eclipse

Chapter 8-11. Nor stony tower, nor walls of beaten brass.

- The party scales the tower and battles their way to the top.
- They defeat the lizardfolk within before encountering the dragon and a Netherese commander. The two foes retreat, beaten back by the Wardens.
- Resuming their journey in the tunnel, the party emerges in the lower depths of the dungeon below the keep. There they encounter and battle a myriad of strangely adorned undead, before realizing they were in the lair of a fairly demure Halfling Necromancer named Herbert.
- Though upset, Herbert decides to let the party go up to the main floor, supplying them with potions to assist in their efforts. The party storms the ground floor, slaying numerous giantkin and lizardfold.
- Moving to the second floor, the party finds several powerful and hostile ghosts. Beaten back to a retreat, the Wardens resolve to address that problem later.
- Heading to the top floor of the towers, the party encounters the dragon again. It approaches them, speaking in Netherese. Begging the party to kill the Shadovar agent who controls him, he vows not to attack unless forced by the agent’s ring.
- Gathering their strength, the party assaults the final hold of the tower. There they find a powerful Beholderkin, a Death Kiss, who fights desperately against the Wardens. The Shadovar agent attacks from the rear, along with the last of the Lizardfolk. Though flanked, the Duskcloaks are unhindered. With their combined strength, the enemy is no match for them, and they strike each foe down save the dragon, who escapes.
- Dragging the carcass of the Death Kiss onto the ramparts, Tonden hangs the bloated eye from the walls as a warning to all the monsters in the land: The Wardens of the Eclipse have taken the keep, and are here to stay.


- The Warden’s allies arrive at the keep with a detachment of Purple Dragons. They bring with them labourers who immediately begin rebuilding the Keep to it’s former strength. Using the considerable wealth found within the Keep, the Wardens also commission several specialized facilities within for Enchantment, Alchemy, Beast-training, and the like.
- The Wardens have a home now, and what a formidable fortress it is…


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