The Wardens of the Eclipse

Interlude - The Tenebrous Cabal

The party says farewell to one of their number...

- While resting and repairing the Keep, a portal opens and out pour hellspawn, led by Ashtar’s mother Diadria, pursued by assassins and ghosts.
- The party engages her enemies before following them all into a portal.
- Emerging in the Nine Hells, the party is nearly slain by a family of Erinyes before their allies rush through to aid them.
- Pursuing Diadria, they eventually reach her inner halls, where a Lich offers Ashtar a choice: join the Tenebrous Cabal by killing his mother, or walking away.
- After a tense moment, Ashtar stabs his mother, who is then revealed to be Destin Greyscar, his long last father. He had killed Diadria tendays ago, and was testing Ashtar’s loyalty to her.
- Destin welcomes Ashtar into his organization, and Ashtar says his farewells.

Present: Aedan, Ashtar, Elara


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