The Wardens of the Eclipse

Uktar Timeline

Because session recaps are hard to write.

1 Uktar

Christmas Special. Met up with three wise men and ran into Greenwich.

2 Uktar

Left Castle Crag for the Gnoll Pass.

4 Uktar

Slew the Gnoll leader and broke their hold on Castle Crag.

6 Uktar

Returned to Castle Crag, sent last messages back to civilization, left for the Stonelands.

17 Uktar

Arrived outside Gwarch, to find it besieged and under the control of Clan Bloodspear. Met with Grok Trollsbane and heard of the events in the North.

18 Uktar

Departed for Daggerburg Fortress to search for Wulfric Bei Fong.

19 Uktar

Arrive at the Goblin Fortress. Bluffs their way in to see the leader, a three-headed Red Dragon named Calastryx. They try to negotiate, but a dragon’s ego is fragile, and combat breaks out. The wizard they had been traveling with reveals himself to be Silakul, and betrays them. Despite the odds, the party maims Calastryx, rescues Wulfric, and flees with as much treasure as they can carry. Elara loses a leg in a faulty teleport.

21 Uktar

The party returns to Gwarch and partakes of a Heroes’ Feast before approaching with the head of Calastryx.

22 Uktar

The party buys an audience with Msuga and Rhoka by presenting the head of their enemy. Moira challenges Msuga to a duel for leadership of Clan Bloodpear. She prevails, slaying the queen, but Rhoka and her elite guard attacks. The party defeats her and Moira is crowned Queen of Clan Bloodspear.

23 Uktar

The party attempts to speak with the Bei Fongs. Tonden reveals his identity to the Captain of the Watch, his sister Therlyssa. Merrick arrives on the wall, accusing them of being spies for Netheril. He lowers the gates, only to launch an attack with Chain Worms captured in the mines.

The party slays the beasts and flies over the battlements, where they are promptly arrested. Merrick informs them that his parents, Therrus and Bella, were killed in their sleep over a tenday ago, and their murder was still unsolved. As no one went through their door guard, Merrick rashly accuses Tonden of the deed, having seen his ability to fly.

They are kept prisoner for a few hours, until Garthos Bei Fong arrives and breaks them out. He tells them Tonden’s parents’ ghosts have been seen wandering the night, and any guards they encountered were slain. He asks the party to go with him and Neesa Darkeyes, Tonden’s wife, to confront them that night and uncover their murderer.

Neesa and Tonden have a violent reunion that is mitigated by the reveal of an alive, though comatose, Wulfric. The party waits until dark before heading out.

24 Uktar

In the small hours of the night, the party steals out of their rooms and to the battlements, where they find the spirits.

It is then that Neesa springs her trap: it was she who killed Therrus and Bella.

Resentful at her husband’s perceived desertion, saddened by Lynn’s angry departure, and destroyed by what she believed was the death of her son, Neesa was overwhelmed by grief and loss. She had been spoken to by Shar, the goddess of loss. Shar promised her that her pain would be taken from her if she killed Therrus and Bella. Unable to see past her grief, Neesa obeyed. And a tenday later, her son was returned to her, her husband in tow.

Shar had promised further relief if another life was given. Neesa had planned to sacrifice Garthos, but with Bowen’s return, she decided to give Shar him and his friends.

It is then that Shar takes direct control of her, becoming a manifestation of her dark power. Shar’s Aspect, aided by her ghostly allies, attacks the party with wild fury. The Wardens of the Eclipse, however, are not to be underestimated. Beating back Shar’s dark allies, they thwart her every attempt to kill both them and Neesa. Infuriated, Shar’s Aspect vanishes, leaving them with an unconscious Neesa and a hard decision to make.

Rather than risk Neesa’s execution or imprisonment in Wheloon, Tonden resolves to take her to Arabel and seek help from Moira’s mother Minerva. He bids his party farewell before stepping through the Sword Herald gate and heading south…


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