Tonden Bei Fong

Just an old man...with a drinking problem


A gruff looking old human male. Tonden stands at about 6 feet and looks to be about 200 pounds. While being very advanced in years he is very physically fit. Bald with bushy eyebrows and a white goatee that is very unkempt. Tonden also never wears shoes. He wears a green and black robe with a symbol on the back that one cannot easily recognize, unless they are from an artisan guild, then they recognize it as the symbol of the Bei Fong stone mason clan. A line of master masons that stretches as far back as any Cormyrian can recall.

Tonden grew up in Gwarch. A semi-civilized city in the Northern part of Cormyr. RidrnMyi9.jpeg

Tonden keeps a small book with him at all times. He is constantly seen taking notes in it. Perhaps he is researching something.

Not much is known about this gruff and surly old man and why he is working with the Heretic. All we know is that Tonden has a letter from a friend that he must look into and the library in Suzail. He also seems to be really reluctant to give out his name when meeting people.

There also seems to be a tattoo peaking out from under his robes.

Tonden has recently developed a drinking problem


Tonden Bei Fong

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