This village of 500-odd folk is the largest port on the Wyvernwater. It is the home of the Trindar Shipyards, where almost all of the vessels that ply the vast Wyvernwater are made. It is enriched by all the trade that flows between Cormyr and the Dalelands along the Thunder River and through the High Dale. (This water route has long been the best way to enter or leave Cormyr unseen.)

Hultail is reputed to be the site of a fairy ring atop a hill, where elves dance once or twice a year. The elves dwell or sleep in the heart of the hill the rest of the time. Another colorful local legend concerns the Ring of Swords: nine black blades that rise, dripping, from the lake and flash out at HultailÂ’’s foes. It is said only a worshiper of Tempus can call them forth, and once each blade slays something, they all sink down again and cannot be found or called forth until at least nine days have passed.

Hultail is both a fishing village and a fish hatchery and it never seems to run out of fish. Excess fish that are not sold or consumed are plowed into local farm fields to enrich them. All fish that spoil are milled into fish meal and sold to farmers.

The party is currently infamous here for a large restaurant brawl they instigated.

People of Note

Annan Borne
Lord Idgen of Thunderstone

Places of Note

The Spawnhall (hatchery)
Trindar Shipyards
The Plate of Eels (Restaurant)
The Blue Dragon’s Bones (Tavern)
The Sixcandles Inn


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