People of Note

Earl Kenway Merandus
Countess Valenice Merandus
Lord Edmund Merandus
Lady Margaret Wyvernspur
Cyna Umbertide
Captain Greystoke
Alzael the Butcher
Chalasse the Stylist
Nelzol the Merchant
Ori the Blacksmith

This town of over 1000 folk stands at the westernmost tip of the Wyvernwater, at the head of what’s generally known as Mistfisher Bay. The bay had many many names over the years, most of them related to the spectacular sunrises and sunsets visible over the water from the town. Another popular name is Immer Bay because the Immer Stream joins the Wyvernwater here.

Immersea is a waystop on Calantar’’s Way, where livestock and beasts of burden can be easily watered. The Starwater Road, Immer Trail, and Blister Trail all link up with that paved way here. Immersea is also a fishing village. The local fleet of mist fishers fares forth onto the Wyvernwater daily to catch freshwater eels, silverfin, trout, crabs, greenbacks, and other fish from the rich waters of Cormyr’s largest lake.

Immersea is the ancestral seat of the Wyvernspur noble family, the Cormaeril clan, and the Thunderswords. The visitor is advised to respect anyone who looks arrogant, is richly dressed, or is clad in livery. Such people are probably associated with one of these three powerful old families and aren’’t to be crossed.


Immersea is shaped like a fan. It fills the Immer Stream valley as the valley runs due east and opens out to meet the Wyvernwater. Farms surround the town; sheep, cattle, barley and corn are major local products.

The most built-up area of the town centers on the waterfront and the arrow-straight Starwater Road running to meet it. An impressive stone statue of King Azoun III, armored and with sword drawn in the saddle of a rearing charger whose hooves are trampling a mound of dead brigands and foes, stands in a wagon turning yard behind the docks where the major roads meet. The sculpting of Azoun Triumphant is fine, but the eminence is much beset by incontinent local fowl.

Azoun’’s statue is one of the favorite meeting spots in Immersea and is easily found by newcomers. The other good local meeting place is Gaesthund’s Tomb, located at the meeting of the Starwater Road and Immer Street. Gaesthund was a local giant of a man who once lifted an excessively proud king of Cormyr up in the air and shook him. This caused a stir among the knights at hand because the king was on horseback. Gaesthund didn’t bother to separate the king from his saddle and hoisted both horse and full-armored man into the air with a growl!

The resting place of this huge man is marked by a massive boulder that has been much scraped and scarred by the uneasy passage of poorly driven wagons. The boulder bears this charming inscription:


Immersea is an important stopover and boasts many rooming houses and provisioning shops. The most popular of its inns are the pricey Immer Inn and the more casual, but better, Five Fine Fish. The Five Fine Fish is the home of Elminster’s Choice, a dark, bitter, smoky beer brewed there almost daily. Its reek often fills the place and can guide even a hopelessly lost traveler to the inn door.

The most prominent local building is Redstone Castle, the lofty castle of the Wyvernspurs. It is a fortified sandstone manor house perched on a high hill just south of town. It frowns down over Immersea from among its wooded lawns, its geographic prominence making it seem far grander than the larger, taller, many-towered pile of High Towers, the Cormaeril family home, which stands on a lower hill due east of it.

The seat of the third noble family Thundersword House, is southwest of the Wyvernspur lands and hence remote from the town proper. It is newer and larger than either of the other castles but dominates only its own small valley surmounting a small knoll at the heart of the wooded basin.

Prosperous farms and close-crowded townhouses are the order of things in Immersea. Growing things are valued, flowering vines are everywhere, and the mists keep everything lush. The wooded height of Spring Hill, where the Immer Stream rises, is just west of Redstone Castle. It is adorned with both a beautiful series of cascades, known as Selûne’s Stairs, and the House of the Lady, a temple to Selûne.

West of that height is the wooded eminence of Graveyard Hill, topped by the Wyvernspur Crypt. The hill holds a complex network of catacombs. Brazen adventurers and thieves took to trying to loot the tombs so often that guardian spells and magical devices were installed. Visitors are advised to look upon the crypt gates from afar unless accompanied by a family member.

Places of Note

Redstone Castle
The House of the Lady
Alzael’s Cleaver (Butcher)
Chalasse’s Fine Clothing
Nelzol’s Notions
The Horn and Spur (Tavern)
The Mist Runner (Tavern)
The House of Nets (Rooming House)
Maela’s Rooming House
Nulaah’s Rooming House
Five Fine Fish (Inn)
Halaband’s Inn
The Immer Inn



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