People of Note

Sir Cobblestone
Juniril Guards

This little village of 700 was named by Volo “the blandest place [he’s] visited”. Folk spend
their days fishing and weaving rushes from nearby marshes. Don’t expect to find excitement, though trade can be brisk if you’ve useful wares to sell.

In addition to Chartwell Manor, the home of the Cormaeril’s, there are two local things of
interest: the High Helm and the ruins of Helm’s Everpresent Shield, a temple of
Helm. The High Helm is a landmark inn, tavern, and festhall. As one local put it dryly, ‘They decided to store all the excitement in one spot so’’s we can
sleep in the rest’.

The ruins of the temple are considered sacred, so don’’t enter or disturb anything there.
The High Helm stands at the south edge of Juniril, and the walled stables, barracks, and jail of the Purple Dragons lie at the northern limits.

The Purple Dragons keep a seven-sword contingent in the village; most are veteran female officers, save for their leader, Sir Cobblestone. All around Juniril are fruit
farms among bogs. The only local peril is doppleganger attacks from the bogs. Officers pursuing the dopplegangers into the bogs have thus far fallen afoul of mimics and traps.

The temple’s never been rebuilt because of the Curse of the Blood Royal. Centuries ago, brigands waylaid the Princess Kathla Obarskyr here. Pinned to the temple doors by a sword, the dying princess choked out her curse. The temple erupted in beams of light
that struck each brigand, and each beam became a sword, transfixing its victim. The curse kept the bloodthirsty fools alive, writhing in agony. None dared touch them for fear of the curse, and they staggered about Cormyr until wolves, hunger, or winter cold felled
them. Tales are still told by the fireside on cold winter nights of skeletons seen stumbling around the backlands with glowing blades through them, though it always seems that friends of the taletellers saw the skeletons, not the speakers themselves.

Places of Note

Chartwell Manor
The High Helm
The Ruins of Helm’s Everpresent Shield



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